According to a recent article on, retail sales has taken a back seat to cannabis sales since the start of the BIG LOCKDOWN of 2020.

So how is everyone coping with being locked in with their love ones (or your supposed love ones 🥴) because honestly after awhile, one may begin to think not so kindly of those loved ones after a couple of days of being locked down in quarantine with them 🤷🏽‍♀️).

But anywho.. Apparently, cannabis is on the top list of coping mechanisms during lockdown 2020. Since the start of lockdown 2020, many full time employees has now become full time teachers (teaching.. well learning new ways to solve math problems that looks like foreign language to us 😳 that apparently the kids can translate🥴), counselors, snack wardens, referees (for those siblings that just love each other so much that they can’t seem to keep their hands to themselves 🤨), and whatever else job that needs to be done while in lockdown.

Many are getting a taste of what the real teachers of the world go through. So it is no surprise that instead of a little retail therapy, that quite a few people are opting in for a little cannabis unwind smoke one or two or three sessions therapy ☺️.

One thing, Im thankful for during this time is that I don’t have any little ones that I have to homeschool. sidenote* When I was younger.. oh, how I thought it would be such an awesome thing to homeschool my kids (how insane was I, back then 😩).

Thinking back, I don’t even know if I would have been able to manage, 1) I didn’t really smoke weed back then and 2) back then there was not Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services that would have served as a nice distraction for them or me at that time.

All I can say is that I take my hat off to all the moms and dads out there doing everything from homeschooling to refereeing a petty argument between siblings.

You all deserve a little treat after it all, and if cannabis is your choice of treat, then so be it☺️…SENDING ❤️& A VIRTUAL BLUNT YOUR WAY…YOU DESERVE IT..AND JUST REMEMBER THIS TOO SHALL PASS☺️… STAY LIFTED….Peace & Blessings…Love4God&Cannabis❤️


With states opening back up and people are returning to work, the fear of whats next with COVID-19 is on everyone’s mind. It is the unknown of how it’s really being transmitted that has a lot of people worried about returning to their jobs.

Although many workplaces have been implementing new safety precautions to decrease the risk of exposure to their employees, the fear of the unknown is what is causing the hesitation of many people returning back to work or even returning back to the normal life that we once had before old corona came in and put a halt on everything.

Never in my 40 years of life have I seen anything like this that has shut the entire world down globally, forced us all in to “quarantine” and oh yeah practicing “social distancing” to try to rid pesty old corona. Now that we have been in quarantine and furloughed for months, its like ok so whats up with a vaccine or a cure for this virus.

But what if, just what if, CANNABIS is the cure or (well at least show the most promising treatment of persons with covid-19)??

With the many health benefits of cannabis in aiding in the health and wellness of other diseases, can cannabis be the answer. And if by chance that one day, we find out that cannabis can kick old pesty old corona tail, will cannabis still be labeled as a “gateway drug” or will it gain more acceptance in society among non-cannabis users.

Will they then change their outlook of the beautiful hippie trippy plant and all of its many health benefits?? Im sure if it ever was enough evidence to say in fact that cannabis is the cure, them same individuals would be the first in line to partake in the ganja.

My beliefs is and has always been is that GOD created everything even cannabis, it is one of the many gifts GOD created to use, whether for medicinal or recreational purposes, GOD created it for us to use.

Think about it. Back when there were no pharmacies, no prescription drugs, back when our ancestors had to use plants and natural resources from the land for medicinal purposes. For instance, some Native Americans used healing mixtures of different plants, herbs, clays, dirt, etc to help aid in healing.

So why is it such a big issue with cannabis. Even though, there has been a lot of progress in lessen the stigma of cannabis, its still seen by some as the “gateway drug” that makes anyone that partakes in it, the lazy, hippie, stoner, burnout weed smoker, but I believe that the tide is turning in cannabis favor, and IM SO HERE FOR IT ☺️….Love4God&Cannabis❤️


I have never been one to have social anxiety before this pandemic.. side note: who would have ever that we would experience a damn pandemic tho.. but anywho.. back to what I was initially saying about my new social anxiety issue.

Since this pandemic, I’m looking at everybody and everything as possibly being contaminated. I know that’s kind of bad but I guess not really given the current circumstances. Simple things that we once would do without being super extra cautious about has made us.. well ME… super cautious and suspicious.

Simple tasks as going to the grocery store is now one of the many tasks that I quite frankly dread now. I have to strategically plan ahead and create some type of safety precautions to navigate through the ordeal of going out in public in what I will say is now our “new normal”.

Armed with gloves and mask, I still find myself worrying (more anxiety🥴) about cross contamination.. like what if my nose itch and I just without thinking rub my nose with my gloved hand.. or inadvertently contaminate items in wallet when I go to pay for my groceries.

These simple tasks that I’m sure we all took for granted has now become a bit of a struggle. This “new normal” has birth a lot of new social anxieties that a lot of us have never experience before this pandemic.

But hey.. what can we do.. but pray and hope for the best. God did not give us a spirit of fear so I will not fear but the unknown is what bothers me.. And this is where I have to lean on my faith in GOD and not worry. But I’m still left wondering how long this new normal of ours is going to last…🤔.. Stay Safe, Stay Prayed Up, Love4GodAndCannabis❤️