I have never been one to have social anxiety before this pandemic.. side note: who would have ever that we would experience a damn pandemic tho.. but anywho.. back to what I was initially saying about my new social anxiety issue.

Since this pandemic, I’m looking at everybody and everything as possibly being contaminated. I know that’s kind of bad but I guess not really given the current circumstances. Simple things that we once would do without being super extra cautious about has made us.. well ME… super cautious and suspicious.

Simple tasks as going to the grocery store is now one of the many tasks that I quite frankly dread now. I have to strategically plan ahead and create some type of safety precautions to navigate through the ordeal of going out in public in what I will say is now our “new normal”.

Armed with gloves and mask, I still find myself worrying (more anxiety🥴) about cross contamination.. like what if my nose itch and I just without thinking rub my nose with my gloved hand.. or inadvertently contaminate items in wallet when I go to pay for my groceries.

These simple tasks that I’m sure we all took for granted has now become a bit of a struggle. This “new normal” has birth a lot of new social anxieties that a lot of us have never experience before this pandemic.

But hey.. what can we do.. but pray and hope for the best. God did not give us a spirit of fear so I will not fear but the unknown is what bothers me.. And this is where I have to lean on my faith in GOD and not worry. But I’m still left wondering how long this new normal of ours is going to last…🤔.. Stay Safe, Stay Prayed Up, Love4GodAndCannabis❤️

Published by Zee Grace Tee

Im the owner of Zee Grace Tee Apparel. Zee Grace Tee specializes in lifestyle apparel designed for lovers of GOD, 420/Cannabis/Marijuana/Ganja.. along with apparel with inspirational/ empowerment quotes and sayings.

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